What If Oscar-Nominated Film Posters Told The Truth?

It’s that time of the year where films all over the world are hopeful of nabbing awards from various ceremonies, but none as big as the Oscars, which will take place on 28 February.

And, as is customary over at The Shiznit, they’ve come up with a brilliant collection of nominated film posters and what they are really about.

Warning: If you’ve not seen the full list of Oscar-nominated films, there may be slight spoilers ahead.

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

And it seems no movie can evade their grasp, succumbing to a playful swipe, which includes some of the year’s biggest and best films.

‘The Revenant’

‘Inside Out’

From the gruelling and hugely intense ‘The Revenant’, to the tenderly told ‘The Danish Girl’, to the strong sci-fier ‘Ex Machina’, we’ve been gifted some rather wonderful new titles and captions that, providing you’ve seen the films, will both speak to you and provoke much laughter.

‘Ex Machina’

‘The Danish Girl’

There’s even a pop at the highly acclaimed and terribly grim ‘Room’.

As always, excellent work from the the team over at The Shiznit. You can check out the entire poster collection here

Picture credit: The Shiznit