What We Learned From New Star Wars 7 TV Spot

Another new trailer for ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ has appeared online… and this time, it reveals a little more about the Dark Side.

Officially unveiled via the Star Wars Facebook Page, this explosive new trailer offers up plenty of new shots… and they might just give us even more insight into what we can expect from the upcoming ‘Star Wars’ sequel.

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Here’s what we learned:

Kylo Ren has felt the Force awaken…

It was one of the most ominous lines in the first ‘Star Wars 7’ trailer: “There has been an awakening… have you felt it?” And now we finally know the answer – yes.

Not exactly one of the most climactic responses… but it’s what comes next that might give us a hint of what Kylo is all about. “Even you have never faced such a test,” says Kylo’s big bad First Order boss, Supreme Leader Snoke. “It is time.”

Of course, this seems to hint that Kylo has already been through some tough times, but that things are about to get even tougher. So what has Kylo Ren been up to? And what will this big test be?

Poe Dameron takes on Starkiller Base?

It’s no secret that Poe Dameron can pilot an X-Wing. After all, we’ve seen him take to the skies numerous times as part of what looks like a Resistance raid… but this time, Poe straps in and heads to outer space.

“All teams, give it everything you’ve got,” he says to his fellow pilots as First Order lasers reflect across the cockpit.

Unfortunately, there’s zero context to this shot, with the battle scene that follows it depicting more surface dogfights with First Order forces. But could this be a shot from the movie’s big climactic battle? Could this even be an assault on the all-new Starkiller Base?

Finn knows something about the First Order?

It looks as though Finn’s motives for leaving the First Order may have been revealed… as John Boyega hints that he might even be a conscientious objector.

“You know what I’ve seen,” he says. “We all need to run.”

Could this be a hint that Finn knows exactly what’s going down at Starkiller Base? Could that be the reason he chose to abandon the First Order and join the Resistance? We’ll have to wait and see… but it sounds like a good bet.

Han DEFINITELY shoots first

Make no mistake – Han always shoots first… but this just proves it.

After clambering out from beneath some smouldering wreckage with his best pal Chewie, everyone’s favourite scruffy-looking nerf herder fires off a bolt from his trusty blaster. And who does it hit? One poor, unlucky stormtrooper.

It’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, but the poor sap on the receiving end seems to be wielding some kind of Stormtrooper sabre-style weapon… and after Harrison Ford’s antics in ‘Indiana Jones’, this just goes to show why you never bring a melee weapon to a gunfight.

The Empire lives on… sort of

It’s the first time we’ve heard the Imperial March in the context of ‘Star Wars 7’… and it might be more significant than we realise.

Played at the very start of the new trailer as Kylo Ren appears on screen, it seems to suggest that Kylo is carrying on the Empire’s work to some degree. We already know that he comes across Vader’s iconic helmet, now charred from the funeral pyre seen in ‘Return of the Jedi’.

But the presence of this iconic musical theme suggests a huge influence.

“I will finish what you started,” Kylo promised in an earlier trailer. And with Starkiller base armed and fully operational, it looks as though he’s going to give it his best shot.

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ heads to cinemas on 17 December 2015.

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Picture Credit: Lucasfilm.