What Would The Muppets Look Like As Humans?

Tom Butler
UK Movies Editor
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If, like us, you’ve often wondered what The Muppets would look like if they were real-life people, then artist Nick Hoffman has answered that question for you.

The artist, who goes by the name mr-book-faced on image-sharing site DeviantArt, has shared this glimpse into a humanfied-Muppet world which is part-awesome, part-creepy.

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Sweet unassuming Kermit The Frog has been reimagined as a wide-eyed charmer, resplendent in a pond-green jacket and bow-tie, while his amour Miss Piggy is a buxom blonde with an upturned nose.

The most terrifying is manic drummer Animal whose real-life counterpart looks like someone you wouldn’t mess with. He’s half-caveman, half-pirate, all crazy.

Beaker, the long-suffering lab assistant Muppet, is probably our favourite though. His human counterpart looks every bit the nervous, wide-eyed wreck we’ve always known him to be.

Meep meep indeed.

Here's the original image Nick's picture is based on.

Check out more art from Nick on Tumblr here.

‘The Muppets Most Wanted’ is in cinemas now.