Whatever happened to ‘Dirty Dancing’ star Jennifer Grey?

25 years on... 'Dirty Dancing' star Jennifer Grey (Credit: Wenn)

Dirty Dancers... Grey with co-star Patrick Swayze (Credit: Rex Features)As 'Dirty Dancing' approaches its 25th birthday here in the UK (October 16th to be precise), it's a chance to reflect and indeed celebrate one of the most iconic films of the '80s, and in fact, all time. In a list of famed roles, it was perhaps his portrayal of Johnny Castle that stood out in the late Patrick Swayze's career.

The huge success of the film is very much regarded as a classic in every sense of the word: from the memorable soundtrack that included Hungry Eyes and Time of My Life; to the acclaimed stardom it forged for the likes of the aforementioned Swayze, who went on to star in a number of big films including 'Ghost', 'Point Break' and 'Donnie Darko'. But what of his relatively unknown co-star Jennifer Grey, and what has she been doing for the past quarter-century?

TV litters her CV, with appearances in 'Friends' (1995) and, more recently, 'House' (2010). It's complemented by a handful of film appearances such as 'Wind' and 'Bounce' since her Golden Globe Best Actress nomination for 'Dirty Dancing'.

In 2001 she married Clark Gregg (that's Agent Coulson to any Marvel and 'Avengers Assemble' fans out there), and started a family later that year, giving birth to daughter Stella in December. Since then, she's appeared in a handful of mediocre films that haven't seen her recapture her enormous success of the 80s where she also featured in 'Red Dawn' and Ferris Bueller's Day Off' prior to her 'Dirty Dancing' role.

Most recently Jennifer appeared in the 2010 series of US TV show 'Dancing with the Stars'; a show she went on to subsequently be crowned the winner of.

Perhaps her most revealing moment came during a Channel 5 interview on British television where she claimed her nose job was the worst mistake she'd made, because, sadly, nobody recognised her as the girl from 'Dirty Dancing' any longer. Some believe this to be the reason for her stifled movie career since: her unfamiliar appearance.

Whilst she may not be a big star in 2012, she will forever be remembered as the girl who danced with Patrick Swayze, and as the star who defined a decade, and indeed generation, of movie goers.