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Damien from ‘The Omen’ - played by Harvey Stephens

Arguably the creepiest kid in cinematic history, 'The Omen''s diddy demon Damien was so evil his name became synonymous with weird, unsettling children. Actor Harvey Stephens, just six when the original film was released, didn't make another movie until the release of, er, 'The Omen' remake in 2006, making a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo as a reporter. He's a regular on the convention circuit and will stare straight through you if you ask him to.

Whatever Happened To Hollywood's Scariest Kids?

Is there anything scarier than a child? I don't mean the crushing responsibilities of parenthood or the constant threat of their pooey nappies – I'm talking the kind of kids who'll be filling your pants: horror movie moppets. The only good thing about teeny-tiny terrors like these is that they don't stay knee-high for long: once they lost the puppy fat and grew up, these former kids of horror lost their ability to terrify. Thank goodness.