What’s Your Favourite Robin Williams Movie?

The sad news of Robin Williams’ death has hit us hard at Yahoo this morning.

For people of our generation who grew up during the peak of his career, Robin featured in so many movies that we cherish, it’s like we knew him personally.

Rather than dwell on the sadness surrounding his death, we’d rather remember him as we knew him best, as one of the greatest entertainers of our time.

Here’s some of our most treasured Robin Williams movie moments, please add yours in the comments below.

'Good Morning Vietnam' - Orlando Parfitt, Movies Editor

‘Good Morning Vietnam’ made people sit up and realise that Robin Williams wasn’t just a funny sitcom star, but a rather brilliant actor as well. The role called for Williams’ usual zany antics and impressions, especially his hilarious and mostly improvised radio broadcasts.

But it also showcased his dramatic chops as his initially shallow character gradually came to terms with the horror and hypocrisy of the war. ‘Vietnam’ was a tour de force that earned Williams the first of three Oscar nominations – and made him a bona fide movie star. 

'Jumanji' - Nikki Barr, Celebrity Editor

I love him in ‘Jumanji’. He totally blew my mind. Robin was somehow capable of understanding exactly how to recreate the wonderful world inside a 9-year-old’s mind and made us truly BELIEVE it was happening or capable of happening.

To us he wasn’t just an adult acting and pretending, he was one of us. While the rest of the world were busy trying to make us grow up faster, Robin was doing the opposite – and for the length of my childhood, he definitely succeeded.

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'One Hour Photo' - James Dickens, Head of Sport

Not a popular one, but I really enjoyed ‘One Hour Photo’. He was very odd, but character was compelling.

‘The Adventures of Baron Munchausen’ - Tom Butler, Senior Writer, Movies

It’s not one of his most beloved roles, but I’ll never forget Robin in Terry Gilliam’s ‘The Adventures of Baron Munchausen’.

He plays the floating disembodied head of the randy King of the Moon and he delivers the craziest performance using just his face. It’s a weird role in an even weirder film, but I’ll never forget it. It’s amazing to think Sean Connery was originally going to play the part!

'Mrs Doubtfire' - Philippe Ladvocat Cintra, Video Producer

My favourite scene is the one where he tries out all the different wigs and masks and does different impressions for each woman. It showed his versatility and was hilarious. I used to rent the VHS every week and I watched it three times at the cinema.

'Good Will Hunting' - Ben Falk, Senior Writer, Movies

For me, it’s the moment he’s sitting on the bench in the park with Matt Damon in ‘Good Will Hunting’. He talks about how Will has only read things in books while he has seen the Sistine Chapel in person and why that means Will is an idiot. He’s funny and sweet and paternal.

'Jack' - Rishma Dosani, Editorial Intern

I remember getting late fees from Blockbuster because I never wanted to give it back – the scene where he makes friends with the little boys and sits with them in the tree house made me want a tree house SO badly.

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'Hook' - Sophie Tighe, Senior Reporter, Lifestyle

‘Hook’ is my ultimate Christmas film – taped it off the telly and watched it every year. When he eviscerates Rufio and they have that huge food fight – just amazing.

‘Night at the Museum’ - Sophia Moir, Writer, Lifestyle

It might not be one of his most famous or iconic roles, but I really LOVED Robin Williams in ‘Night at the Museum’ with Ben Stiller. He’s the perfect choice to play wise and knowledgeable Theodore Roosevelt and brings a voice of reason to the film.

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