WhatsApp now lets you create single-vote polls and forward media with captions

WhatsApp is adding a few new updates around polls and sharing on its platform, the company announced on Thursday. Most notably, you can now create single-vote polls and forward media with captions.

You now have the option to create single-vote polls, which means you can run a poll where people are only allowed to vote once. Currently, polls are multiple-choice by default. You can turn off the "allow multiple answers" option when creating a poll. The messaging app now also lets users filter messages by polls, just like you can with photos, videos or links. You can do so by pressing "Search" and then "Polls" to find a list of all results.

In addition, you will now receive notifications when people vote on your polls. You will also be shown how many people total have voted in the poll.

As for sharing, you can now forward media with captions. WhatsApp notes that when you forward media that has a caption, you now have the option to keep, delate or completely rewrite it. WhatsApp notes that in the past, you may not have had time to add context to forwarded media before someone responds. Another new update will let you add a caption before sharing a document.

WhatsApp says the new updates have started rolling out globally and will be available to all users in the coming weeks.

The new updates come a week after WhatsApp finally rolled out multidevice login support for more than one phone. Until now, users could use only one WhatsApp account on one phone and multiple companion desktop devices. With the new rollout, users’ messages will be synced across devices, including other phones. So even if one device is switched off, they can access the app on other devices.