'Where The Crawdads Sing': Daisy Edgar-Jones plans to move into producing and directing

As Where The Crawdads Sing prepares to arrive in UK cinemas this week, its star Daisy Edgar-Jones has opened up about a possible future move to behind the camera. She has her eyes on directing.

Talking to Yahoo her reaction to the idea of directing a film was “I’d love to.” She admits that working on her latest release has inspired her to think in that direction. “On this job in particular, the heads of department were pretty much women and I’d never worked on anything where that was the case,” she explained.

Where The Crawdads Sing releases exclusively at cinemas on 22 July, 2022.

Video transcript

FREDA COOPER: You've done quite a few projects where you've had a woman director, woman producer, sometimes both. And indeed, Reese Witherspoon is behind this particular film. I wondered if that was likely to be an inspiration to you going forwards? I mean, do you see yourself actually going into being a producer or maybe a director in the future?

DAISY EDGAR-JONES: Gosh, I'd love to. And I think-- I think, actually, on this job in particular, all of our heads of department pretty much were women. And I'd never been on anything where that was the case, that all of the major lead roles were women. And I think it does mean that when you see that, you realize that maybe that's something you could do too. And-- and I think it's really important to continue seeing women in lead roles and it just become the norm to have representation behind the camera.

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