Where stars are self-isolating, from J.Lo's 'Parasite' house to John Legend's 'Thai temple'

Megan C. Hills

Your boss, university professors, colleagues and more will have some point provided an accidental glimpse into their homes as they self-isolate over the coronavirus lockdown - and celebrities have been no exception to the rule.

Whether they’re live-streaming a concert from their living room or filming yet another handwashing PSA video (enough now, guys) Hollywood's answer to isolation is bigger and far more luxurious than ours.

J.Lo (Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Jennifer Lopez shared a glimpse into her home with Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez and their children. As her son Max zoomed around on a hoverboard in a perfectly manicured grassy backyard, he rolled past floor to ceiling glass doors and a sprawling pool - which some fans humorously compared to the home in the Oscar-winning film Parasite.

For more on the glamorous places celebrities are self-isolating, here’s a quick breakdown.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

Both Legend and Teigen have shared multiple glimpses into their home, as the Grammy-award winning singer hosted a coronavirus concert live stream last week on Instagram while Teigen has been sharing shots of family meals.

The pair previously shared a glimpse inside their gorgeous Beverly Hills home - which they purchased from Rihanna - to Architectural Digest.

Designed by Kanye West’s architect friend Don Stewart, the home pays homage to Teigen’s Thai heritage as Legend revealed Stewart felt it “reminded him of a Thai temple.”

Fittingly, the couple brought a number of Asian pieces into the home, including an intricately carved wooden door.

Full of rich dark woods, a huge couch and a custom-made chandelier which has the lyrics to John Legend’s songs carved into its bulbs, you’ll also recognise the walnut-brown grand piano from Legend’s recent concert livestream.

The house also offers a breathtaking view over Los Angeles from a stunning patio with a pool.

Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod


We can’t go out to any restaurants or anything but the service and entertainment here is pretty good...😊 ##StaySafe ##Max 💚

♬ original sound - jlo

While we’ve also touched on J.Lo’s Parasite-inspired backyard, the rest of the house is pretty impressive.

J.Lo and A-Rod have made no secret of their gym bunny lifestyle and their home workout room is on par with any professional facility.

A-Rod - a former professional baseball player - also provided more glimpses of their backyard with his impromptu baseball clinic.

Helena Christensen

Model Helena Christensen has been sharing looks inside a cosy retreat in the woods, where she is self-isolating with her son.

Posting a gallery to Instagram of her inviting home, her dog could be seen lounging on a cream couch covered in a pink sheepskin rug.

With a strong farmhouse vibe with distressed wood textures as well as vintage-looking pieces, Christensen proved herself a gallery wall queen with numerous portraits, paintings and even pictures of herself on the walls.

Floral details could be seen everywhere, from the dried hydrangeas in pots and live blooms through to the artwork on the walls.

Her eclectic kitchen was also a real love it or leave it moment, with open shelving revealing an array of charming mismatched crockery to add charm.

Martha Stewart


The domestic goddess has been showing off her house with a number of cooking videos, which take place in her striking professional-grade kitchen.

Full of brass pots, crockery and large bowls of eggs, it’s worth tuning into her IGTV videos for some recipe ideas - and a glimpse into life chez Stewart.

Ellen DeGeneres

Like many, the talk show host has been continuing to host interviews from the comfort of her own home - and DeGeneres’ home appears to be very comfortable.

In one of her videos where she attempted to complete a 4,000-piece puzzle, the host revealed floor to ceiling glass walls, sculptural seating and a huge black art piece on the wall.

She also posted some videos of her personal home gym which features a number of workout machines, a television where she watched her own show and told her fans that “everything was going to pass.”

Other angles in her videos have revealed a fireplace, more unusual art and a beautiful dark stone patio with outdoor furniture.

Last year, another video of her home revealed a striking infinity pool at the edge of the property, looking directly out onto the horizon.

Patti LuPone

The iconic performer shared a glimpse into her gigantic basement, which is part bunker, part entertainment room and all things Patti LuPone.

With a jukebox, a broken $11,000 piano, a ton of vinyl records and a pinball machine in a corner, there’s enough to keep anybody in there occupied for a month at the very least.

The walls are also lined with memorabilia from her movies, including clappers from the film sets she’s worked on, posters and what appear to be script extracts as well.

On top of that, she has a large sculpture of Nipper - who she called the “RCA dog” and is also the dog from the HMV logo.

To the side, there’s also a massage table and a row of lockers for all the guests she won’t be having over.

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis

Wilde and the former SNL comedian live in a Spanish-inspired villa in Silverlake, which dates back to 1928.

Sharing pictures of their daughter studying at home, the entire space is an inviting one (though less opulent than some of the others on the list).

Estimated to cost $3.5 million, it’s full of vintage details including arched doorways and beamed ceilings, with other facilities like a saltwater swimming pool and greenery such as olive trees and cacti in the backyard.

Wilde gave a rare look inside one of the bathrooms in the three-storey home, when she posted a video about handwashing (a celebrity must-do these days) and revealed the cream horizontal tiles in the bathroom.

Jimmy Fallon

Another talk show host on the list with an eccentric home, Fallon has been hosting his show from his house in the Hamptons.

With a strong emphasis on natural wood, he provided glimpses into various rooms including what appears to be a man cave - complete with an air hockey table, a gallery wall of paintings and a globe - as well as a quiet nook where he interviews guests from a green seat.

At the very end of his first at home video, he also showed everybody a glimpse of the rest of his house which included a staircase with a sculptural wooden handrail, pillars crafted from trees and a gigantic playroom for his children which includes a popcorn machine, Snow White decorations, a piano and plush seating.

The play area also includes a real metal slide, which he zoomed down to end his episode.