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Where is the Wonder Woman movie?

Amazonian goddess and comic book Queen she may be, but Wonder Woman can't get her own film and here's why

Back in the 1970s we had Wonder Woman. On TV, on both sides of the Atlantic, Lynda Carter defeated gangsters and master criminals with her lasso of truth and indestructible wristbands, and flew an invisible plane. She was stronger than anyone else, wore revealing half-tops and hotpants and had a killer theme-tune.

So where on Earth is her movie adaptation? What's the problem? Regrettably, it's in everything listed in that opening paragraph to start with, apart from the theme tune.

Most superheroes have less than credible creative starts in life - Adam West's and then George Clooney's Batman for starters - so what is the problem with Wonder Woman's missing movie?

1. Origin story

Wonder Woman is actually a goddess, from a tribe of Amazonian warriors, all women who are super-strong and noble. Her whole demeanour is one of sacred morals and 'doing the right thing', with literally no inner conflict. In the comics her only issue was that she couldn't understand the evils perpetrated by humans, for which her human boyfriend Steve would try to explain.

All in all this is a tricky one to convey on the big screen, in a form that hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of cinema-goers will buy into, because it's just not all that interesting. It's rooted deep in the 1940s, when she was created, so it'd need massive updating, and the fanboys would not like that. So DC is pretty stuck on a plot believability level.

2. Casting

Wonder Woman is big. She's bigger and stronger than any man. This is implicit in her back story and her whole character. She has to be big on the big screen too and where is this big woman going to come from? Sigourney Weaver is just too old, and there aren't many other 6ft solid actresses out there. It could be that a newbie could be tried out, but that would be just another risk to take, and it hasn't been taken yet.

Megan Fox has the sexiness, but not the physique and, in spite of a widely circulated and applauded fake movie poster, she's ruled herself out. Gina Carano has the physique, but not the acting chops or status. Liv Tyler and Jennifer Garner could've been contenders, but have no doubt had enough of fantasy movies. Michelle Ryan, ex-Bionic Woman could also be an outsider, but another big risk. Oh dear.

3. DC's release strategy

Overall DC isn't throwing itself into the movie game in anything like the same way that Marvel is. Admittedly they don't have Disney to foot the bills, but a confident and overarching set of movies is surely what DC wants too.

In reality DC will wait to see if 'Man of Steel' does the business before testing anyone else out with their standalones. You only have to look at X-Men Origins: Wolverine, it surely being a tester for other standalone X-Men films, and its tepid reception to see that not every characters movie is 'Batman Begins', or 'Iron Man'.

DC may try Wonder Woman out in 'Man of Steel 2', if that even happens, and take it from there.

Wonder Woman is a great comic character, and in the DC Universe she's irreplaceable. To replicate her directly on screen is tricky for lots of reasons, and a risk-averse owner isn't helping matters. If Superman can do the business at the box-office then it may all change but, after being knocked off the number 1 spot after less than 2 weeks, don't hold your breath.