How To Do a Whole-House Declutter in a Month

Here's a week-by-week plan.

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When was the last time you decluttered your bedroom closet? The pantry? Your mudroom? If you can’t remember, there’s a good chance you probably need to declutter your entire home. While that might sound like a challenging project you just can’t take on—don’t fret. We’ve found a way! It’s not too difficult to declutter your entire house if you give yourself a month to do it. But that doesn’t mean you should go in without a plan. Here’s how to do a total house declutter in a month, according to a professional organizer.

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Week One: Tackle Common Areas

Shantae Duckworth, professional organizer and founder of ShantaeIze Your Space, suggests kicking off the project by focusing on high-traffic common areas of the home. Start in the living room. “Make sure items that belong in the living room are there only; declutter items such as books, magazines, and mail. Fold up blankets and fluff pillows!”

If you have kids, there may be toys or sports gear in these spaces. She tells me to move those items out of the living room and put them away. “You should also pick up any shoes or clothing hanging around.”

After the living room, Duckworth recommends hitting up your dining room if you have one. Get rid of any seasonal decor items (like those Christmas placemats you never use) or housewares that no longer work, like that air fryer that’s on the fritz.

Then, the organizer recommends removing any mail on the dining table and pushing in the chairs to freshen up the space.

Don’t forget hallways which can easily become dumping grounds for miscellaneous items like shoes, laundry, and empty boxes.

Lastly, don’t forget the laundry room. It’s time to get rid of that stain treatment you used once and didn’t like or that lone dryer sheet that’s been hanging around. Don’t forget to re-order any essentials.

Week Two: Take On the Kitchen

Kitchens can become incredibly cluttered because they are such busy areas of the home. “Go through kitchen cabinets, drawers, and countertops. Discard expired items, donate unused cookware, and organize what's left.”

Don't forget the rest of the kitchen. Toss out those stained dish towels. Look under the sink for cleaning supplies and get rid of things like that bottle of multipurpose spray that's empty.

Duckworth then advises emptying the pantry and categorizing items. “Discard expired goods, consolidate duplicates, and get any new storage containers you may need. I like to use this time to cook a meal using any ingredients that will expire soon!”

Week Three: Organize the Bedroom

Have you been avoiding cleaning out your closet for months now? Stop procrastinating. It’s time to take it on. “Sort through laundry, go through your closets, go through the bedroom linens, and remove all garbage and excess items from the bedrooms. Clean off those bedside tables and put all books you're not reading away,” says Duckworth.

Don’t forget nightstand drawers and desk drawers if you have one in your bedroom.

Week Four: Declutter Bathrooms, the Garage, and the Basement

First, declutter your primary bathroom. Go through everything from cabinets to drawers and countertops. “Dispose of expired toiletries, organize essentials, and clean the space thoroughly.”

Get rid of things you’ll never use like that hair dryer that once sparked or your backup flat iron that’s seen better days.

Then, go into the garage and get rid of any boxes, or garbage, and give it a good sweep. “Same for the basement! Make sure to finally donate any items you had waiting to donate in your car!”

Take out the garbage and your entire house is officially decluttered. 

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