Why Castelvetrano Olives Are Ideal For Your Next Charcuterie Board

charcuterie board with olives
charcuterie board with olives - Goskova Tatiana/Shutterstock

Building a beautiful charcuterie board to present at your next dinner party can mean walking a tricky line between hosting and culinary art. With the right ingredients at your disposal, however, you can easily offer a mixture of textures, tastes, and colors for guests to admire. The Italian castelvetrano olive should be among this roster of included items. These colorful orbs offer a buttery addition to your assembly of nibbles.

Also called Nocellara del Belice olives, these popular specialty olives have found favor among foodies, as their mild flavor, tender bite, and low salt content make them an easily integrated item on any grazing table. Unlike other kinds of olives that deliver a brinier intensity, these mellow tidbits round out some of the more sharply savory items occupying space on your platters. Cured meats and punchy cheeses play well with servings of these fleshy olives, and their meaty texture is refreshing in between denser pieces. Bottom line? These bright green olives will have guests at your next party reaching for more.

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Level Up Your Hosting Skills With Castelvetrano Olives

olive assortment on plate
olive assortment on plate - hadasit/Shutterstock

With castelvetrano olives at the ready, guests can confidently reach for spicier sausages, roasted nuts, slivers of smoked salmon, and sharper cheeses. These refreshing olives complement intense flavors while also relieving their sting. Castelvetrano olives can also add a satisfying touch to side dishes of mixed greens and crunchy pieces of bruschetta. You can even make them a bit punchier by adding zest from a lemon or orange or a sprinkle of fennel seeds. Just don't forget to put out a side dish for guests to place discarded pits.

Castelvetrano olives are so rich, they're used to make olive oil. Double down on their luscious taste by providing an assortment of infused oils for guests to drizzle over them, as well as bread and crackers. You should also set out a black pepper grinder, red pepper flakes, and flaky sea salt, for guests to add a bit of contrast to these buttery fruits. Finish your impressive display with a selection of balsamic vinegars that would make Giada De Laurentiis proud, and you'll have a pre-dinner selection that will surely appear on your guests' social feeds.

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