Why I'm Thrilled About Unsolved Mysteries Volume 4 Coming To Netflix In 2024

 Unsolved Mysteries show logo.
Unsolved Mysteries show logo.

If we're talking about the best true crime shows you can stream, Unsolved Mysteries has to be at the top of the list. Thankfully, the wait for a new season is over, and Netflix has confirmed that Volume 4 of the beloved series will make its grand return alongside many other shows available with a Netflix subscription on the 2024 TV schedule. Out of the many on the way, this is the one I'm most excited about for more reasons than one.

Anyone amazed that I'd put this show higher on my list than even some scripted shows must not be watching the latest Netflix series. Thankfully, it's never too late to jump in and develop a love for the show for the same reasons I dive into below.

The Chance Of Potentially Solving A Murder While Watching Is So Thrilling

The main thrill of watching Unsolved Mysteries is in the title. These are mysteries that still need answers, and throughout the series' long history, the added exposure has yielded results. A mystery was solved not long after the very first episode of the original series, and 260 cases have been solved since. Just as recently as last year, USA Today reported Kayla Unbehaun was returned home after a viewer recognized her in one of the Netflix episodes. For those who dream of participating in a true crime mystery and playing a part in the case, this show is your opportunity.

I Much Prefer A Variety Of Mysteries To One Long Story

While I can appreciate the true crime docuseries that deep dive into high-profile cases, sometimes my attention span can only handle so much. While I'd be interested in watching a ten-episode series about Gypsy Rose detailing why no one ever removed her from her mother's care, for example, most of the time I'd rather watch a one-off overview of a mystery in under an hour. If there's more I want to learn, I can search for the details online. If not, I can dive right into the next episode with a brand-new mystery.

The Show Prioritizes Finding Lesser-Known Cases To Cover

I think it's a general trend to jump on the hot new thing, especially when it comes to true crime drama. Networks will churn out several specials and documentaries on the same big murder/kidnapping/homicide case, and even celebrities like Dog The Bounty Hunter can't resist attaching themselves to major cases like Gabby Petito.

Unsolved Mysteries confirmed to CinemaBlend that they went into smaller towns as a way of generating leads for authorities who lacked any clear direction. As someone who knows there are many unsolved crimes in the United States, I appreciate that there's a show looking to spotlight communities that wouldn't receive attention otherwise. This reason, perhaps above all else, is why I continue to stream the Netflix reboot after watching the original in my younger years.

Unfortunately, we have no release date for the upcoming Unsolved Mysteries episodes. That said, there's presumably time to watch the Netflix series for those who haven't checked it out and need something else to stream in addition to the exciting shows arriving this year.