Why Is Joe Keery Thanking Jeremy Allen White For His Djo Song's Viral Success? Here's What The Bear And TikTok Have To Do With It

 Joe Keery in Stranger Things/Jeremy Allen White in The Bear (side by side).
Joe Keery in Stranger Things/Jeremy Allen White in The Bear (side by side).

Many people know Joe Keery as the complicated Steve Harrington on Stranger Things, but now fans are getting to know the actor for his musical talents. He has enjoyed moderate success as a musician under the alias Djo, and he has even played at popular music festivals. However, this was before his song “End of Beginning” became a viral sensation on TikTok, earning Keery a hit on the Billboard charts and more attention on his musical pursuits. Now, the actor/musician has given Jeremy Allen White and The Bear some credit for making the song so popular, and it's for a really interesting reason.

The "End of Beginning" song was released in 2022, and Keery has performed it live many times, including at Lollapalooza last year. However, the track didn’t truly take off until fans of FX’s The Bear started making compilation edits to “End of Beginning.” It is a perfect song for this because the lyrics can easily relate to Carmy finding solace in returning to his midwestern roots in Chicago in the show. Because of this association, Keery recently gave Jeremy Allen White, who has won awards for playing Carmy on The Bear, some credit for the song receiving attention. He told Rolling Stone:

I feel like I owe Jeremy Allen White.

The song gained popularity in part because of The Bear fan edits (like the one below), but it has since taken off in other ways with many viral videos using the song to convey emotion. It has been used in many compilations of Chicago, or metaphorically, over montages of college experiences or TikTokers’ own hometowns. It became even more popular when TikTok learned that the Stranger Things star was the one behind the song, and people documented their reactions to learning this. Now, it has taken on a life of its own, and it is used as the sound for a TikTok trend where creators reveal what they would buy if they won the lottery.

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While “End of Beginning” has been recontextualized after going viral on TikTok, the song was originally written about Keery’s personal ties to Chicago. The actor attended DePaul University, and the song documents some of his feelings toward returning to his college city, and the memories that come with it.

Those who have heard the song likely understand why it has become so popular, as the lyrics connect deeply with many post-grad students who have experienced something similar. The popularity of The Bear in tandem with the song can not be overlooked, either, as the themes of both are closely related, so it makes sense why Keery would want to give some credit to Jeremy Allen White.

Keery may be receiving a lot of attention right now for his strengths as a musician, but this doesn’t mean he is leaving acting behind. After several delays, Stranger Things is returning with its cast in 2025. Keery is expected to reprise his role as Steve for Season 5, which just went into production. In addition, he is starring alongside Liam Neeson in the film Cold Storage, a disaster thriller expected in 2025. The Fargo star is certainly a multi-talented guy, and I can’t wait to see what other music he puts out as well. He has yet to work with Jeremy Allen White officially, but with the success of “End of Beginning,” it feels like he already has.

You can check out Joe Keery’s music under Djo now, as his most recent album Decide is available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music. You can also see the actor on Stranger Things, which is streaming for Netflix subscribers. For more information on other projects heading to the streamer in the near future, make sure to consult our feature on upcoming Netflix movie and TV show releases.