Why 'Joker' is an integral masterpiece, according to Michael Moore

Gregory Wakeman
Michael Moore was a big fan of Joker.

Documentarian Michael Moore has heaped praise on Todd Phillips’ Joker, not only calling it a “masterpiece” but insisting that “the greater danger to society may be if you don’t see this movie.”

Moore took to Facebook to heap praise on Phillips’ divisive origin story for the Batman villain, which even though it picked up the Golden Lion Award at the Venice Film Festival last month has since been met with quite a few negative reviews ahead of its wide release.

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After watching Joker at the New York Film Festival on Wednesday, though, the Bowling For Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11 director took to Facebook to detail just how enthralled he was by it.

72nd Cannes Film Festival - Closing ceremony - Cannes, France, May 25, 2019. Michael Moore on stage. REUTERS/Stephane Mahe

More than that, though, Moore believes that “the story it tells and the issues it raises are so profound, so necessary, that if you look away from the genius of this work of art, you will miss the gift of the mirror it is offering us.”

While Moore pointed out some similarities between Donald Trump and the lead character in Joker, he insisted that his main take away from the film was how it reflected “the America” that elected him President Of The United States. “The America which feels no need to help the outcast, the destitute. The America where the filthy rich just get richer and filthier.”

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Moore concluded by praising Phillips for Joker’s multiple homages to Taxi Driver, Network, The French Connection and Dog Day Afternoon, as well as for aspiring to make a film at the “level of Stanley Kubrick,” before imploring his readers to “go see this film. Take your teens. Take your resolve.”

You can read Michael Moore’s full Facebook thoughts on Joker here.