Why Margot Robbie has no plans to ever watch any 'Star Wars' films

Gregory Wakeman
72nd Cannes Film Festival - Photocall for the film "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" in competition - Cannes, France, May 22, 2019. Cast member Margot Robbie poses. REUTERS/Eric Gaillard

Margot Robbie has come clean and admitted that she has never seen any of the Star Wars films.

But rather than insisting that she will quickly right this wrong, the Academy Award nominated Australian actress has doubled down and declared that she has no plans to ever watch any of the sci-fi blockbusters, too.

“I’ve never seen any Star Wars. And I kind of don’t watch it now just because it infuriates people so much. Like, ‘How? How have you never watched any, any Star Wars?’ And I just kind of wanna see how long I can make it now.”

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Robbie made this frank admission to both MTV and her Once Upon A Time In Hollywood co-stars Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio, after they were all quizzed about the classic films that they haven’t seen.

It turns out that Pitt and Robbie haven’t found the time to watch Gone With The Wind yet, much to the chagrin of Leonardo DiCaprio, while Robbie was just as incensed to learn that neither DiCaprio or Pitt have seen The Sound Of Music.

72nd Cannes Film Festival - Screening of the film "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" in competition - Red Carpet Arrivals - Cannes, France, May 21, 2019. Cast members Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie and Leonardo DiCaprio pose. REUTERS/Eric Gaillard

DiCaprio was already well aware of Robbie’s cinematic blindspots, though, as she recalled how her Wolf Of Wall Street co-star would constantly admonish her during its production whenever she admitted that she hadn’t seen a particular film.

“I remember when we did Wolf of Wall Street, you would get angry at me all the time anytime I mentioned any movie I haven’t seen. You would be like, ‘How have you not seen Citizen Kane? How can you work in this industry and not have seen Citizen Kane?’”

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“I’m like, ‘I just got here to this industry, like, you’ve had more time to watch this stuff!’ Then I went home and I’d go watch Citizen Kane and watch all the movies he’s like, ‘You have to see this. You have to see this!’”

DiCaprio, Pitt and Robbie have all done quite well despite missing these films, and we’ll get to see them in action when Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is released on August 14.