Why Is There Still A Night's Watch? And Other Questions From The Game Of Thrones Finale

Sara Boboltz

WARNING: Spoilers below! All of the spoilers!

We finally know who won the “Game of Thrones.”

In the series finale ― after 73 episodes and countless amounts of fans’ time spent watching, rewatching and rewatching more ― Jon stabs Daenerys, Tyrion survives, Bran is made king and Sansa rules the North.

Arya goes exploring, and the rest of our favorites fill various administrative positions in whatever remains of the capital with Tyrion serving as Hand, again. The Unsullied set sail to a tropical paradise, and Drogon is MIA with his mother’s dead body.

We have answers, but we have so many more questions.

*Inhales deeply*

Jon Snow -- and all of us -- brooding over the series finale.

Why is there still a Night’s Watch?

Why on earth does Bran need a Master of Whisperers?

What happened to the Dothraki?

How are so many Dothraki still alive?

Where did Edmure Tully come from?

How did they clean up King’s Landing so quickly?

How does Tyrion’s “honeycomb and jackass” joke end?

If Bran knew he was going to be named king, did he just let Daenerys burn the whole city down?

Why is there still a Night’s Watch?

How much did Bran know about how it all would end? 

Is Bran actually bad?

Will Arya discover the New World?

Does Grey Worm know about the butterflies on Naath?

What was the point of the moment where Sam suggests a democracy?

What is Jon’s job now?

Is Jon the King Beyond the Wall?

Who braided Daenerys’ hair after Missandei died?

Did Gilly have a boy and name him Jon?

Why is there still a Night’s Watch?