Why you should swap your iron for this steamer in 2021

Anya Meyerowitz
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Why you should swap your iron for this steamer in 2021. (Getty Images)
Why you should swap your iron for this steamer in 2021. (Getty Images)

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By this point, ironing anything we wear from the shoulders down just seems like a waste of time because we only need to look presentable from the neck up while working from home.

So when we are next faced with a full load of ironing, it's going to feel slightly overwhelming. The solution? Swap your out-dated iron for a fancy new steamer - the Swan Portable Garment Steamer specially - and here's why.

Why we rate it

Dubbed by one customer as the perfect gadget "for people who like ironed clothes but don’t like ironing", the steamer makes de-creasing your clothes a whole lot easier, quicker and, dare we say it, enjoyable.

It heats up super quickly to allow you to effortlessly, and efficiently, remove creases and odours in one go. Simply spend a few seconds going over your garment of choice with the steamer and you're done.

Plus, it's perfect for those pesky items in our homes that are hard to wash - like our sofas, mattresses, cushions, pet beds and the toys that our children are using with sticky fingers, day-in, day-out.

It also claims to kill 99.99% of bacteria as it steams and gets rid of odours, to leave your clothes smelling and looking fresh.

All for under £30, the gadget is a lot cheaper than buying a new iron.

How it works

The steamer comes with two options:

Normal means you can steam your clothes as though you were ironing, i.e. flat, on a board.

While the jet setting allows you to steam your hanging and upright clothes, including delicate fabrics, soft cottons, silk and velvet, as well as curtains, sofas, carpet and bedding using the detachable fabric brush.

What the reviews say

With hundreds of five-star reviews, with many customers asking why they hadn't switched over sooner, it's very tempting to add one to your basket.

  • "For people who like ironed clothes but don’t like ironing."

  • "This product has been a godsend. I have reduced mobility and cannot use an iron as it causes muscular spasms so I’ve been stuck only wearing things I can shake and hang to dry or that I can tumble dry. With this though I can now pick any item and in a couple of minutes (that includes the heat up time) I am good to go."

  • "I was well and truly persuaded by the Queen Of Clean (Instagram) to purchase this. I’d seen her use it and thought why not - it looks fun and practical."

  • "Great product, so much easier than getting the ironing board out when you're in a hurry and just as effective. Very pleased I purchased this item and would recommend it."

  • "Let me start by saying you need this in your life! I started with a couple of work T-shirts, really that’s all I wanted it for, but before I knew it I had done four work tops, three shirts and four of the old man's T-shirts. I literally couldn’t stop! And now I’m even considering pulling out my whole wardrobe. This thing is highly addictive, maybe it’s because it’s a new toy and the novelty may very well wear off but for the moment I’m over the moon with this product, creases be gone!"

  • "I hate ironing! It's such a hassle dragging the ironing board out and takes forever. Hence why I bought this little gadget. It takes about 10 seconds to heat up, I hang what I or the kids want to wear for the day on the back of the door and with a few streaks of the steamer the creases are gone."

Buy it: Swan Portable Garment Steamer | £29.99 from Amazon

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