Wife’s chili prank proves that men ‘don’t want drama’: ‘Why did they lie?!’

This mom’s hilarious prank in which she feeds her husband and son a spoonful of extremely salty chili and asks for their feedback shows the lengths some men will go to to avoid drama!

A mom decided to prank her husband and son by feeding them a spoonful of salt! In the hilarious video, the mom fills a spoon with salt, then ladles a bit of chili on top, and gives her son and husband a taste. Even though the father and son are disgusted, they put on a brave face and pretend to love the chili!

The hilarious video begins with a shot of a pot of chili sitting on the stove. The mom fills a spoon with salt, then dips the spoon into the chili. Carefully making sure the salt doesn’t spill, the mom fills the spoon with chili. “Salt spoon prank on my husband and son,” the mom writes in a caption.

“I tried another recipe for the chili,” the mom says as she walks towards her husband and son, who are sitting together on the couch watching TV. “You let me know if you like this, okay?”

The woman reaches the spoon towards her husband, who eagerly opens his mouth to taste the exciting new chili recipe. She puts the spoon in his mouth and he takes a bite. Immediately, his facial expression changes to one of shock. But instead of calling the mom out for her unpalatable new chili recipe, he pretends to enjoy it!

“You like that?” the woman asks her husband. “It’s a little bit different. I think I just added maybe three or four different types of seasonings.”

The dad squints his eyes and takes a big gulp of his beer, but still has the wherewithal to nod politely at his wife. “Add some more meat and sauce,” he suggests.

Then, the mom repeats the process with her son. The moment the son takes a bit of the chili his face falls. The little boy cups his mouth with his hands, and looks grossed out, but forces himself to chew.

“You like it?” the mom asks, and her son nods politely.

“Stir it up a bit,” the woman’s husband suggests as the video ends. “It’s pretty good.”

Viewers were cracking up at the mom’s prank!

“It’s funny but I never understood why people do this. I’m always honest when people ask me what I think of something,” one viewer wrote.

“This is hilarious!” another viewer commented.

“Love how the guy touches the kid’s shoulder like, ‘danger zone buddy,’” joked another viewer.

Do you think it’s okay to tell a white lie to keep the peace?

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