Wife ‘completely shocked’ by husband’s hospital room video: ‘What are you doing?’

Dillon Thompson
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Wife 'completely shocked' by husband's hospital room video
Wife 'completely shocked' by husband's hospital room video

A new father is going viral on TikTok for a video that his wife would probably have preferred he didn't film at the time.

The concept of the clip, created by Kareem Antar, is innocuous enough. In it, the 27-year-old recreates a popular dance routine set to The Weeknd's hit song, "Blinding Lights."

There's just one, tiny problem: The setting. Kareem filmed the video from inside the hospital room where his wife, Krystle, was about to give birth. As the dad-to-be jumps around and dances, Krystle is in labor behind him.

Kareem even captioned the video to point out when his wife was having a "strong contraction," taking time to note that she was "not impressed" by his routine.

The video was shared on the couple's popular TikTok account, which they manage together. It's now been viewed more than 2.3 million times.

And despite Krystle's initial reaction, she seems to have come around on the clip. The new mom told BuzzFeed that she was certainly not expecting her husband's dance routine, but was ultimately happy it happened.

"I was completely shocked that he had the audacity to make a TikTok during my contractions," Krystle said. "But that's typical Kareem, he is just a lovable and goofy guy."

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Krystle added that she was certainly annoyed "in the moment." But now, with a healthy baby boy and a viral, dancing husband, she's come to appreciate the whole ordeal.

"Looking back, I'm happy that the baby gets to see who his dad really is," Krystle told BuzzFeed "And that Kareem has one funny character and can make light of any given situation."

Many TikTok users seemed to have a similar reaction, with commenters sharing both their joy over the situation and their full understanding of Krystle's frustration.

"I'd be annoyed too. I'd probably throw something at him," one commenter wrote.

"Omg she said, 'What are you doing?'" another pointed out.

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