Wife posts ‘proof’ of husband’s unusual sleeping habit: ‘I would cry’

They say to sleep with one eye open, but one woman’s husband is going the extra mile with two.

TikToker Payton Vidmar posted undeniable proof her husband sleeps with his eyes open. Although it may be comically spooky to turn over and see your partner staring straight at you, the condition is known as nocturnal lagophthalmos. While experts don’t know its cause, it may be related to changes to the nerves or muscles in your face.

“This is proof that my husband actually sleeps with his eyes open,” she said in the clip.

Vidmar was snuggled comfortably in bed. But when she panned the camera to her snoring husband, his eyes were wide open. It looked as though he was staring right at her.

Eventually, she gently woke him up, and he blinked for the first time in the video. Vidmar added that it “freaks” her out every time it happens.

The funny video racked up 36.7 million views and 8.8 million likes.

“No, because I would be buying him a sleep mask,” a user said.

“I would cry,” another commented.

“Mine too. Wide open, and when we first got together HE DIDNT TELL ME. The first time I rolled over and saw him staring at me I thought he was DEAD,” a person joked.

“He looks like he’s about to tell you good gossip,” a TikToker replied.

“Nope. He’d be sleeping in his own room,” someone added.

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