Wilderness creators call out society for being 'uncomfortable with women being angry'

Wilderness creator Marnie Dickens and director So Yong Kim speak to Yahoo UK about their thrilling Prime Video drama which stars Jenna Coleman as a woman plotting to kill her cheating husband. Wilderness is streaming on Prime Video from 15 September.

Video transcript

- I wanted to ask you, first of all, obviously, we don't often see women who are allowed to be full of rage on screen. And when they are, they tend to be depicted as a crazy villain in a way. And I wondered for you both, like, with wilderness, the kind of changes of Liv and her depiction, and we get to see it from her eyes and her story. And I wondered why do you think Hollywood is so afraid to see women and really see their rage and let them fully embrace it?

MARNIE DICKENS: It's such a good question. I'm thrilled you've asked that question. I was thinking about women's rage this morning and hoping it would come up. I think it's not Hollywood, I think it's society. And then Hollywood has sort of amplified it.

I think we're really uncomfortable with women being angry and expressing it. Like, since you're a kid, you're told as a girl to be quiet and be good. And you see boys' behavior treated in a completely different way. So it felt like a very deliberate thing that we were tackling, didn't it, addressing female rage.

SO YONG KIM: Yeah. And I think there's a sense of shame with hysteria, especially with women. And it's codified in a way. That is kind of buried deep underneath in our society. And I think it was really important for us to show that women could be vulnerable and also filled with anger and rage because we're human. So yeah, I think that's a great theme to discover and go on a journey with Liv.