Star Wars Scum and Villainy

William Shatner calls 'Star Wars' and 'Star Trek' director J.J. Abrams a "pig"

William Shatner has voiced his disapproval of J.J. Abrams accepting the job of directing 'Star Wars 7' whilst still so heavily involved in the 'Star Trek' franchise.

"He's being a pig," the original Captain Kirk said. "He's collecting the two franchises and holding them close to his vest."

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Shatner made the comments to Movie Fanatic while promoting his latest film 'Escape From Planet Earth'.

"He's probably the most talented director of that ilk that we have, but he's gone too far this time."

The 81-year-old actor still claims to be chummy with the famed director however.

"I think of him as a buddy of mine," he said. "I've taken him out for sushi. I think it's time for J.J. and I to have another sushi and let me put him straight."

Shatner probably didn't mean his words to sound so ominous.

Last week the current Captain Kirk Chris Pine endorsed Abrams' decision.

Abrams is currently preparing 'Star Trek Into Darkness' for release this May.

He will then get to work on 'Star Wars 7', which is set for 2015.