William Shatner Isn’t Happy With Kirk’s Death In Star Trek: Generations, So I Asked The Actor If He’d Change It If Someone Let Him

 James Kirk dying in Star Trek: Generations.
James Kirk dying in Star Trek: Generations.

William Shatner turned 93 on March 22, and as what may be seen as his gift to fans, a documentary about his life is rolling out to theaters nationwide. You Can Call Me Bill tackles the actor's thoughts on his upbringing, life philosophy, and, yes, Star Trek. The actor even laments how Kirk's death played out in Star Trek: Generations, so CinemaBlend wanted to know if he could change it if he had the chance.

I had the wonderful opportunity to screen and talk to William Shatner about You Can Call Me Bill, and we talked about his scene in the documentary about Kirk's death in Star Trek: Generations, currently streaming with a Max subscription. I noted that studios had de-aged actors like Harrison Ford and made changes to films in the past and that there could be an opportunity for him to reshoot the scene with more wonder and amazement than he thought he gave the first time around. I asked if he would take the opportunity to reshoot it if it was given, and the actor gave a blunt response:

Probably not. The moment's over. It's done. I did the best I could. I would like to have another couple of shots at it. But, and then when I say this is what I meant, I've heard people say just actually just before you came on. No, no, I got that. That's what I got. So, you know, it enters the area. Uh, bullshit. Sounds cruel. This is the area of fantasy.

At the end there, William Shatner acknowledged that while he wished he could reshoot his scene in Star Trek: Generations, the actual task of doing so is more or less a fantasy than a realistic ask. Additionally, he's made peace with the moment and feels that enough fans have a grasp on his character to understand the awe and discovery he saw in his final moments, even if the scene didn't capture that as effectively as it could've.

William Shatner Reveals He Had Nothing To Do With Star Trek Character Getting Killed Off

William Shatner in Star Trek: Generations on Paramount+
William Shatner in Star Trek: Generations on Paramount+

It was out of his hands.

Even if William Shatner was willing, there'd still be a question of whether or not he'd be allowed in to do such a thing with Star Trek. The actor has shared some polarizing takes about the modern state of the franchise, though he explained the comment about creator Gene Roddenberry "turning in his grave" to CinemaBlend. Additionally, the franchise seems more willing to recast the roles of past actors entirely rather than using de-aging technology.

You Can Call Me Bill is loaded with great stories about William Shatner and one that really dives deep into some of his real-life fears and thoughts on his life. Shatner told CinemaBlend he agreed to do the documentary as a way of leaving a legacy for his family, and as such, it forced him to be "Completely honest" while doing it. Fans will surely appreciate watching and maybe even walk away with a different perspective on the actor than they had previously.

Those interested in seeing You Can Call Me Bill can look up showtimes and get tickets on Fandango. For those unable to find a screening near them, there are always plenty of classic William Shatner episodes to check out on Star Trek, assuming you have a Paramount+ subscription to stream it.