Willow cast promise surprises for fans

Disney+'s legacy sequel series takes us back to the familiar realm of 1988's Willow while keeping audiences guessing every step of the way.

Willow is streaming on Disney+ from 30 November.

Video transcript

SIMON BLAND: I've seen a few episodes. And I really love this, how it kind of introduces all these new characters. And there's a lot of new blood in the show. I was thinking, what do you think will surprise people the most about this new take on the film?

DEMPSEY BRYK: I think from-- the thing that I immediately thought of is it's such an eclectic group. And it's such an eclectic group of actors. And that's something that's really cool is there's a lot of diversity in all the ways you would expect, but also in philosophical diversity, intellectual diversity, and just life experiences. Everyone's coming from different places. And I think that's brought into the characters as well.

So I think what might surprise people is an atypical eclectic group. And also, John Kasdan does such a great job of writing three dimensional characters. So you're just going to be-- I think you'll be surprised by people not conforming to like archetypes or stereotypes.

RUBY CRUZ: Yeah, definitely. I 100% agree with that. And I also-- it takes so many twists and turns, like the story. You find you-- I mean, my character specifically, definitely expects one thing out of this life, and out of her, this world. And then is just like faced with harsh reality after harsh reality. And I think that is definitely very reflective of life itself.

And I feel like we're just going to be taking so many turns. And also, I want people to expect the most beautiful sets and scenery. And that is still mind blowing to me. When we were there filming in Wales, it was just absolutely beautiful. And I feel like no one can expect that amount of beauty.