The Wind Rises confirms UK release date

Mike P Williams
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The Wind Rises confirms UK release date
'The Wind Rises' will hit UK cinemas from May 6th.

COMMENT | UK anime fans will be glad to know that the cinema release date for Studio Ghibli's 'The Wind Rises' has finally been announced after months of speculation.

Studio Canal took to Twitter to declare that cinema goers across the United Kingdom will be getting Hayao Miyazaki's final ever feature film on May 9th. They made the statement via a tweet that celebrated the news by offering up a competition to win one of four Studio Ghibli steelbook Blu-rays to mark the event.

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Japanese audiences had the film way back in July of last year, with an American release scheduled for February 21st of this. Often is the way that Studio Ghibli's native country gets their films first, in fact long before anyone else. This is usually followed by a US release and then, several months later, with a UK one. It's frustrating for British fans who want to see the film as soon as possible, but even the critics over here have had their opportunities limited when it failed to appear on the schedule for 2013's London Film Festival in October.

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'The Wind Rises' will likely be a limited release over here, as per the trend of Studio Ghibli movies. Last year 'From Up on Poppy Hill' had a short cinema run largely contained to Picturehouse locations rather than in chains such as Odeon or Vue.

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With an English-dubbed version complete, including the voice talents of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emily Blunt, it'll no doubt be available in both formats upon its May release. I personally prefer to see a Studio Ghibli film in all its Japanese-speaking glory, but am also intrigued to see how the English version sounds, too. With the voice acting appearing to be of a high standard, it'll no doubt prove to be a tale warmly received and appreciated in both languages.

With a confirmed release date for 'The Wind Rises' in the UK, are you excited about seeing it on the big screen?

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