The Witcher star joins the DCU as a Wonder Woman villain

 Anya Chalotra and Creature Commandos.
Anya Chalotra and Creature Commandos.

James Gunn has confirmed another piece of casting news for his fledgling DC cinematic universe – and it involves The Witcher star Anya Chalotra.

In reply to someone asking whether Anya Chalotra was playing Circle in upcoming animated series Creature Commandos, Gunn replied on Threads, "Yes. And there are other cool characters in the show played by other cool actors. But all of the series regulars were announced."

Chalotra, who plays Yennefer in Netflix’s The Witcher, was previously linked to the role after a document that appeared to be her online CV was discovered (H/T Screen Rant). On her resume? The role of Circe.

Circe will be a familiar name to those of DC comics and, in particular, Wonder Woman’s adventures. She is often depicted as an ancient sorceress, one who often butts heads with Diana as well as wider members of the DC universe, including Superman.

The premise of Creature Commandos sees Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller form a team of monsters and kooky creatures that are tasked with completing black ops missions. After The Suicide Squad, well, what could go wrong?

Creature Commandos’ main voice lineup has already been confirmed back in 2023 (via Collider). Frank Grillo is Rick Flag Sr, Maria Bakalova will voice Princess Ilana, David Harbour is Eric Frankenstein, Indira Varma is the Bride of Frankenstein, Alan Tudyk is Doctor Phosphorus, and Zoe Chao will voice team scientist and mermaid Dr. Nina Mazursky. They will be joined by Sean Gunn pulling double duty as Weasel and G.I. Robot.

The project is set to be the first DCU Chapter One series to air– and it’s expected to arrive later this year.

A reminder, too, that Gunn has previously stated that anyone appearing in animation would also reprise their role in live-action (and vice versa, including wider media such as video games). So, Anya Chalotra could be making the leap to live action in the DCU sooner than later.

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