Wolf of Wall Street breaks expletive record

Sweary Scorsese movie beats Spike Lee's previous champ.

Wolf of Wall Street breaks expletive record

In case you needed an additional reason not to take your gran to see 'The Wolf of Wall Street', the new Scorsese movie has scored itself another family-unfriendly accolade.

It now transpires that it features the most uses of the word 'f**k' in a narrative feature movie.

Leonardo DiCaprio and his sweary chums utter the expletive a robust 506 times, according to Wikipedia.

It outstrips the previous winner, Spike Lee's 1999 thriller 'Summer of Sam'.

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That movie managed to squeeze in the f-word 435 times.

Scorsese has rarely shied away from flowery language, with 'Casino' featuring 422 f**ks and 'Goodfellas' with 300.

But making them look decidedly angelic is the film in the top spot for the most uses of the word 'F**k'.

The winner, with a remarkable 857 uses of the word, is the documentary 'F**k', which, to be fair, is a film about the use of the word itself.

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It's the latest in a series of controversial stories to emerge about Scorsese's latest film.

It was reportedly heckled at an Academy screening of the film in Los Angeles, while it's also been accused of animal cruelty by PETA, due to scenes featuring a chimpanzee dressed in smart clothes.

A former victim of the film's real-life protagonist, banker Jordan Belfort, also called the film 'dangerous' for glamorising the crimes of those depicted on screen.