Woman calls out boyfriend over ‘disrespectful’ daily behavior: ‘I hope she dumps you’

Emerald Pellot
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A man is arguing with his girlfriend over his morning routine.

He went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. His routine includes several texts and alarms that end up waking his girlfriend up three hours before she normally would. She is losing sleep, but he is refusing to change his setup.

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“Here are her issues: my dad works at the same place as me, so usually he will text me in the morning to make sure I’m awake, he will keep texting until I answer or eventually call,” he explained. “I keep my phone’s volume all the way up so I can hear. A lot of the times I don’t answer within the first time and by the second text my girlfriend wakes up. Then there are my alarms. I snooze them a lot because I set them early so when I wake up, I know I have some time to sleep still. These usually wake her up too. It’s just part of my routine.”

They tried alternative methods like an alarm light but it didn’t work out.

“She’s a very light sleeper and has trouble going back to sleep once she is up,” he wrote. “She gets so angry with me when this happens because she says she’s exhausted. She’s in college too so she’s up late doing homework usually despite having to get up and work the next day as well. I say she needs to learn to live with my routine.”

Reddit users thought the boyfriend was being unreasonable.

“It’s so selfish and disrespectful,” one person commented.

“I hope she dumps you,” another said.

“Stop torturing your girlfriend,” someone wrote.

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