Woman captures boyfriend having ‘full-on conversation’ with misbehaving kitten

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Sometimes pets just strike a nerve with you the same way children can. But it’s all with love.

TikToker @yogirlcassjax happened to be in the other room when her boyfriend got into a hilariously heated exchange with their new kitten. She recorded what she overheard, and the duo definitely made for an odd couple.

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“Why are there footprints going into the kitchen?” he yelled. “You peed where? Huh? Don’t scream at me. Where’d you pee? Oh! In the shake box! Oh, and you s***. OK. And you tracked it all the way to the bathroom. Seems like you didn’t quite make it to the bathroom. Oh my god.”

Then for a while, he just exchanged several loud meows back and forth at the cat. The TikToker, of course, couldn’t contain her laughter at this exchange.

“I suggest you pipe it down, I’ll match the energy and we can scream together. Rinse your dirty booty off,” he told the kitten. “I should be the one screaming. You’re here getting a free bath.”

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The video received 2.7 million views on TikTok.

“This is what we call wholesome hilariousness,” a user said.

“I wish I could’ve seen their conversation as he was meowing,” a person commented.

“Him and this kitten are legitimately gonna be the best of friends,” someone replied.

“They’re having a full-on conversation,” a TikToker added.

“Bahahaha him scream meowing is EVERYTHING,” another wrote.

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