Woman describes ‘intense’ weather at Burning Man festival: ‘Learned it the hard way’

Burning Man 2022 just wrapped up, and TikTokers are sharing their experiences of the arts festival held in the Black Rock Desert.

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TikToker @biancacp_ issued kind of a public service announcement regarding the sand in the desert. Apparently, it’s a lot more alkaline than the sediment in other deserts making chemical burns a very real risk for attendees. Unfortunately, she learned the hard way.

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“I got chemicals burns from the dust all over my feet,” she said. “The dust is intense and harsh. Dust storms are a real thing it is not like the regular desert. It’s extremely alkaline.”

She explained that not only can it ruin your clothing and belongings, but it can also seriously hurt your body, feet, chest and throat.

“I learned it the hard way,” she said.

One night, she showered and then walked with her bare feet on the sand. Instead of spraying apple cider vinegar on her feet (something acidic to counteract the alkalinity), she went to bed with her socks on. The next morning she woke up with playa foot.

According to Burning Man, playa foot “is a malady unique to the Black Rock Desert caused by the alkali dust that makes up the desert. It is, in essence, a chemical burn.”

The playa foot made her feet swollen and sore. She couldn’t even fit her feet into her large combat boots.

People shared their thoughts on the Burning Man experience.

“I got huge blisters from my boots so had to switch to sandals for a couple days. So glad I remembered to spray vinegar!” someone wrote.

“I didn’t know that was a thing omg,” a user replied.

“I think a good resolution to this is to not go to Burning Man,” another said.

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