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Woman gets blocked by ‘Jersey Shore’ star Vinny Guadagnino on Instagram, shares exactly what went down

A TikTok creator reveals that she was recently blocked on Instagram by a Jersey Shore star.

On Aug. 14, a 22-year-old pole dancer who goes by the username @hoesluvjujuu posted a video recounting the conversation that took place with “the love of my life,” reality television star Vinny Guadagnino, via Instagram direct messages.

“So I woke up this morning, and the love of my life answered and I did not expect that,” she explains. “And I feel really bad because I told him to get a new barber…I’m like, ‘Oh my god, you answered?’ And I told him, I’m not trying to be rude, I love you, but in my opinion the edge is not straight. I was just being honest, bro…I DM celebrities all the time.”

What was perhaps meant to be a nonchalant direct message that would go unnoticed, elicited an unenthused response from Guadagnino.

“So he was like, ‘It was very rude. I leave my front line natural because I would have to push the hairline back in order to make it super sharp,'” she said. “‘Do you see how nice the fade is? You think my barber would just forget to do the front line after making everything else perfect?'”

@hoesluvjujuu_ then apologized to Guadagnino and asked for forgiveness.

“Now, Vinny, I love you but I’m sorry. Like, please forgive me. It was not that serious, like, for real,” she says before Guadagnino replied, “I’m blocking you, and you’ll never see me again.”

Unsure if Guadagnino would actually follow through in blocking her, @hoesluvjujuu_ visits his Instagram profile and is unable to see key data like his posts or his following.

“Can y’all please tell Vinny to unblock me on Instagram? I love Jersey Shore,” she adds. “Vinny, I’m sorry, I love you. I was just being honest.”

@hoesluvjujuu_’s online exchange with Guadagnino seems indicative of a so-called parasocial relationship that some fans can establish with celebrities.

As defined by the Washington Post, a parasocial relationship “is one in which a person imagines, through repeated superficial ‘contact’ via social media, 24-hour news and the like, that they ‘know’ or are even friends with a celebrity.”

In @hoesluvjujuu_’s case, the false sense of comfort she established in her parasocial relationship with Guadagnino may have led her to make the comment she did about his barber and his hair, which, based on his response, was not taken well, regardless of her professed friendly intention.

On Aug. 14, the same day she posted her first video about the saga, @hoesluvjujuu_ revealed that she purchased one of Guadagnino’s jump ropes in collaboration with Crossrope in an attempt to bury the hatchet.

“It’s gonna take about two days for my jump rope to come in,” she says. “I don’t care if I have to go all around the city jump roping, screaming, saying, ‘I’m sorry, Vinny.'”

‘Y’all stay forgetting celebrities are real people with real feelings’

Guadagnino’s “clap back” of @hoesluvjujuu_’s criticism is anything but atypical. Celebrities with a range of followings have been known to publicly challenge criticism online, be it in the form of a long statement posted to their social media pages or the blatant calling out of critiques via Twitter or Instagram Stories.

“As public figures, pop stars and comedians alike are subject to an overwhelming amount of vitriol, misunderstanding, and bad-faith critique,” reports the Ringer. “Thanks to social media, it’s both harder than ever for stars to shield themselves from the noise and easier than ever for them to respond directly to what surely feels like an all-out assault on their character.”

For some celebrities, it seems that the inclination to respond to negative comments outweighs the desire to acknowledge the praise, given that “we tend to remember criticism far better than positive comments, due to a phenomenon called the negativity bias,” per BBC.

‘Vinny doesn’t play about his hair’

With more than 6.1 million views and 891,300 likes on her initial video, it seems many TikTok users and fans of Jersey Shore are invested in @hoesluvjujuu_’s supposed “feud” with the Staten Island, N.Y., native.

“The only right response to the “you’ll never see me again” would be “well, unfortunately for you, I got ALL Jersey Shore episodes on DVD. So,” @spacey_bby replied.

“Y’all stay forgetting celebrities are real people with real feelings,” @chrissy.222 commented.

“Vinny doesn’t play about his hair,” @vanessaxco wrote.

However, on Aug. 18, @hoesluvjujuu_ posted an update to TikTok, revealing that Guadagnino eventually unblocked her after she messaged him, “‘You’re the reason I watch jersey shore.'”

“Well, he said, ‘You’re unblocked and I accept your apology. Please be nice to people,'” she said of Guadagnino’s reply. “In other words, people as in him…So then I replied, ‘I love you, Vinny. I’m sorry. And I told him that I bought his jump rope. I even added a cute little face and everything and he left me on seen.”

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