Woman Loses Lawsuit Over Frozen Copyright

A woman who filed a lawsuit against Disney’s ‘Frozen’ in late 2014 over alleged copyright infringement on, get this, her life memoirs, has had her case thrown out by a Judge.


Isabella Tanikumi decided to take legal action against Disney because, in her view, the film’s story ripped off her real-life memoirs, titled ‘Yearnings of the Heart’, which revolved around her family’s lives in the mountainous areas of Peru.

In her claim, she demanded compensation amounting to $250 million — almost a fifth of the movie’s worldwide takings which stands at an impressive $1.3 billion.

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Rightly, U.S. District Judge William Martini has now dismissed the case, stating; “The similarities she alleges between her memoir and ‘Frozen’ are not substantial. The two stories are entirely different,” on 19 February.

The decision was made after Disney took action to dismiss it after the news of the lawsuit hit headlines all over the globe, whereby Martini agreed in their favour. “General plot ideas and themes lie in the public domain and are not protected by copyright law.”


To suggest that a fantasy tale about Princesses, trolls and magic is based on someone’s life is, as you’d no doubt agree, a little far-fetched. When examining the case, the Judge further described the 18 compared points as “tenuous at best”, with any similarities, such as sisterly love and concealing a personal attribute, dismissed its generic elements that bear no case for copyright infringement.

"The setting, plot, and characters have no close similarities," he went on to state, and, let’s be honest; she never really had a solid claim to begin with. Probably should have just let it go…

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Picture credits: Disney