This woman says she stopped aging when she was 20 years old

A British single mother says she is often mistaken as her 20-year-old son’s girlfriend or sister — despite being in her 40s.

Shimmi Munshi says she ‘stopped aging’ when she was 20-years-old. Image via Facebook

Shimmi Munshi recently spoke to The Daily Mail about how she’s been seemingly gifted with eternal youth, and the pitfalls that come with it.

“As an adult, I’ve always looked young,” Munshi said. “As my friends began aging, I seemed to go in the opposite direction, but I’ve no idea why.”

When she was 20, Munshi gave birth to her son, Ameen. Although there were many pressures and responsibilities that came from being a young mother, Munshi says she somehow maintained her youthful appearance.

Shimmi Munshi and her 20-year-old son, Ameen. Image via Facebook

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“I was a single mom, juggling work and motherhood, and anyone would think the stress might have started to show. Instead, I seemed to stop aging.” 

Munshi says she is frequently asked for ID whenever she goes out and has even been refused service on multiple occasions. She frequently fields questions from people as to whether or not she’s had plastic surgery.

“I’d certainly never had cosmetic surgery,” she insists. “And my beauty routine consisted of baby wipes and whatever moisturizer was on special offer in the supermarket!

Shimmi Munshi denies ever having cosmetic surgery. Image via Facebook

Munshi reveals her self-care routine is fairly simple- she drinks plenty of water and green tea and doesn’t smoke or drink alcohol. Although she has a gym membership, she says she is not at all concerned with her appearance.

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I feel like the female version of Peter Pan — the girl who never grew up.”

Surprisingly, Munshi suffers from a debilitating disease called, gastroparesis, which causes her to vomit up to 60 times a day.  Over the past 10 years, Munshi has been in and out of hospitals but somehow maintains her shockingly youthful appearance.

“I might be feeling absolutely rubbish but somehow I still manage to look young. I wish I had some special secret I could share — but the truth is, I’ve no idea how I do it.”

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