A woman scorned: Manchester woman rips the door open on a moving bus to chase her fleeing boyfriend

A woman in Manchester pries open a door on a moving bus in order to chase her fleeing boyfriend. (Photo: Sian Bayliss via Twitter)

Once you move away from a city with reliable public transportation, you realize how deeply you miss it. Then you witness something like this viral video and thank your lucky stars you’re stuck listening to Ryan Seacrest on KIIS-FM in your car in gridlock — blissfully alone.

Public spats are an embarrassing detail in a long-term relationship. Whether you’re disagreeing about which percentage of milk to purchase or you’re fighting over throw rugs in IKEA, if you’re with someone long enough, you’ll unintentionally draw strangers’ eyes with a hushed bicker.

That said, this woman straight up pried open the doors of a moving bus to chase her boyfriend. Naturally, it was captured and posted on Twitter because this is 2018, y’all.

Sian Bayliss, who posted the original video, was on the No. 59 bus heading to Manchester Piccadilly Gardens around 11 a.m. on Wednesday when she witnessed this scene.

Bayliss told the Daily Mail, “[The woman] was arguing with her partner and someone told them to stop swearing. She then started arguing with the passenger and the driver told them to sit down. They then spat at the driver’s window and her partner left the bus but she stayed on it as she was busy spitting into the driver’s cab.”

After she realized that her boyfriend left the bus, the woman began to scream at the driver to let her off. Instead of waiting for the next stop, she started to wrestle with the doors.

But what was the fight over? Apparently, pretty small stuff.

The woman had thrown something at her partner, and he threw it back. Then they both got angry.

Ah, young love.

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