Woman stirs controversy with ‘petty’ Netflix password issue: ‘She needs to grow up’

Emerald Pellot
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A woman is upset at her friend over a borrowed Netflix password.

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. The woman’s friend became upset when the owner of the Netflix account they used changed the password. The Reddit poster didn’t think her friend had a right to be upset.

“So my friend is a heavy Netflix user. She was in the middle of a show when her account got canceled,” the Reddit poster explained. “When she tried to log-in she received an ‘incorrect password’ notification. However, she uses her friend’s Netflix account. She says she is upset at both 1) being lied to, as the Netflix owning friend lied about canceling the account when really she changed the password and 2) being mid-show when the password was changed.”

The Reddit poster understood the situation was upsetting but didn’t think her friend’s grievance was fair.

“I feel like she has no right about the fact that she no longer has access to the account. It’s not hers and she’s not close with the people who own the account,” the poster said.

Reddit users thought the poster was right about the issue.

“She needs to grow up,” one user said.

“The complaint about them stopping her service in the middle of her show does make her look petty,” another said.

“I don’t understand the entitlement of some of these people,” someone wrote.

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