Woman who stutters shares how she helps herself when ordering at the Starbucks drive-through: ‘I take my time’

A TikToker is going viral after showing the trick she uses to help herself when ordering in drive-through lines.

Jessie, who goes by @mimidarlingbeauty on TikTok and Instagram, uses her social media presence to post about fashion, beauty and her experience with stuttering. In a recent video, she showed viewers how she works on her public speaking skills while in line at Starbucks.

“People ask how did I overcome my stammer at the drive-thru,” her video’s caption reads.

In the U.K., where Jessie lives, stuttering is more commonly referred to as stammering. In some cases, the condition is also called “disaffluent speech.”

According to the British Stammering Association, stuttering affects about 8% of children and 2% of adults. Symptoms vary by person — and situation — but symptoms may include repetition of syllables, lip tremors or prolonged stops during speech.

Another symptom is difficulty with public speaking. In her clips, Jessie is extremely transparent about her fear of speaking in certain settings.

She’s also transparent about how she deals with that fear. Her video, which now has almost 5 million views, shows how she uses a mirror to help herself at the drive-through.

In the video, Jessie looks at a small makeup mirror as she orders. Before speaking, she takes a big breath in.

“I take my time and no longer feel rushed,” she wrote in the clip.

The TikToker then proceeds to place her order while staring into the mirror. She gets a strawberry-and-coconut-flavored Refresher.

As she explains in her captions, her goal in posting the video was to possibly help others who stutter.

“I wanted to show what I’ve learnt through experimenting,” she wrote.

The video drew comments from thousands of users — including celebrities like Bella Hadid. Many wrote that they were excited to try Jessie’s method themselves.

“I’ve been going to drive-thrus more often lately to help w my stutter,” one user wrote. “I’ll be trying this method next time .”

“Love this!!! I have a lisp and when I just slow down and take my time, I find it a lot more manageable,” another added.

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