Woman Suing Disney For Basing Frozen On Her Life

A Latin-American author has started legal proceedings against Disney after she claimed that the studio stole the characters and plot for ‘Frozen’ from her life.


Isabella Tanikumi is suing the studio for £150 million, as she believes the animated studio’s most successful ever film, which revolves around a queen born with ice powers accidentally freezing her entire kingdom and then running away into the mountains, only to then be pursued by her sister, a talking snowman and an ice-salesman raised by trolls whose best-friend is his reindeer, was eerily similar to her own life.

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According to TMZ, Tanikumi has claimed that the 2013 film, which went on to gross over $1.2 billion at the box-office, ripped elements of its story straight from her book, Yearnings Of The Heart, and then simply put on them on the big-screen without even consulting her.

Amazon describes the book, which hit shelves back in 2010, as “an endearing and heart wrenching account that takes the reader on a romantic and spiritual journey.” I can already see the similarities.

“This is the compelling, introspective account of the life of Isabella Tanikumi,” the blurb continues, ”who takes her readers on a journey through various phases of her remarkable life – from her family’s survival during the devastating earthquake of 1970 in Huaraz, Peru, to the trials of overcoming heartbreaks of her youth. Conquering personal insecurities led to exploring the reaches of intellect while facing the tragic, and untimely death of her beloved sister, Laura.”


I don’t see any mention of Olaf, a solitary ice palace or giant snow creature. But I’m guessing that’s the sort of thing you’d hide from your readers until at least the second chapter. Then you’ll really snag their attention. Good ploy Tanikumi. Good ploy.

Disney are yet to comment on the matter, but since ‘Frozen’ is loosely based on Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy-tale, The Snow Queen, shouldn’t the Danish author’s estate counter-sue Tanikumi for ripping off his work?

Either way, it really sounds as if Tanikumi should just Let It Go.

You’re welcome.

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