Woman wearing Joe Thomas jersey beats up guy; Joe Thomas takes notice

Joe Thomas liked what he saw from an aggressive jersey-wearing fan. (AP)

This may be the most interesting video involving a Cleveland Browns jersey all season.

We’re not sure exactly what preceded this melee that appeared to have taken place at a Cleveland Browns tailgate.

Outside of the empty cases of Bud Light and Solo cups strewn across the ground, there’s not much context. But really, doesn’t that pretty much explain everything?

Whatever happened, it seems evident that our male antagonist did something to provoke the Joe Thomas fan to go all Ralphie vs. Scut Farkus on him and appears to have deserved what was coming.

The video, which has been viewed more than 500,000 times as of this posting, caught the attention of Cleveland Browns left tackle Joe Thomas, who has plenty of time to scour the Internet thanks to a season-ending torn triceps.

Maybe the Browns should reach out to this woman. With only two games left to fend off 0-16, it’s time to resort to desperate measures.

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