Woman wonders if she should keep her boyfriend’s surprise birthday plans after breakup: ‘Cancel everything’

A woman’s partner broke up with her shortly before his birthday, and she is wondering whether she should still go through with his surprise birthday party plans.

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The woman shared her predicament on Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum and asked what she should do about the gift, cake and surprise birthday party she had planned. She admitted that she is having trouble thinking clearly because she feels heartbroken about the breakup.

“My partner (M24) just ended things with me (F25) due to us being incompatible,” the woman shared. “It’s his birthday in 3 days and I got him a present and ordered a custom cake and booked a dinner together. I also organized a surprise birthday with 16 of his friends for the following day.”

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The woman explained that, now that the relationship is over, she is unsure of what to do about the plans she had made for her partner.

“I’m happy to pass him the present but should I go through with the cake?” she asked. “I don’t know what to do.”

The woman noted that, even though she is heartbroken, she still wants her partner to have a special birthday.

“I feel so sad and broken but I wanted to make him feel special because he said no one has ever done anything for his birthday,” she concluded.

Plans have changed

Some Redditors thought the woman should return the gift and cancel the party, while others advised her to get the ex-partner’s friends to take over the plans she had made.

“Return the gift, cancel the dinner reservations, freeze the cake in slices… I am sorry this happened to you,” one Redditor wrote.

“Cancel everything. Broken up is broken up,” another Redditor noted.

“I would pass it off to a relative/friend. You have no obligation to follow through and even though you were doing something out of kindness and love, he is the one that ended it,” another Redditor advised.

Ultimately, the woman shared that she decided to attend her dinner reservation with a friend instead of her ex-partner. She also made plans to pass the surprise party off to her ex’s friends.

As for the cake, she writes, “I might consume and share with friends until I stop crying.”

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