Woman’s Last Wish Fulfilled When Milkshake Is Shipped From 370 Miles Away

Emily Pomeranz died of pancreatic cancer, but not before savoring one final Tommy’s milkshake. (Photo: Facebook)

A restaurant fulfilled a woman’s last wish with a simple task: shipping a milkshake halfway across the country and into her waiting hands.

Emily Pomeranz, who died on Friday from pancreatic cancer, spent her last days in a hospice in Arlington, Va., near Washington, D.C. Her one final wish was to drink a mocha shake from a diner in her hometown of Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

She told a friend, Sam Klein, about her desire, and he contacted Tommy’s Restaurant to arrange the ambitious order.

The milkshake reached Pomeranz’s bedside four days before she took her last breath.

Klein, who had also grown up in Cleveland before moving to D.C., recalled how he had asked his friend if she needed anything during a trip to the hospice.

Tommy’s Restaurant is located in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. (Photo: Google Maps)

“She said with a smile, ‘I wish I could have one more Tommy’s mocha milkshake,’” he recounted. That’s when Klein contacted the restaurant’s general information email address and received a reply from the owner.

As Klein wrote in a Facebook post: “A few days later I got a call from Tommy Fello, the owner of Tommy’s. ‘Yes. We will figure out a way to do this,’ is what he said.”

To keep the milkshake fresh, Fello packed it in dry ice and paid $123 for overnight shipping, 375 miles cross-country.

“I wasn’t even sure if we’d be able to do it,” he admitted.

But when the package arrived, Klein says, Pomeranz was elated to see the drink for one final time.

“I know Emily would love the fact that she’s making people feel good even though she’s not here with us anymore,” he said about sharing her story.

In an emotional Facebook post, Klein added, “So, my friends, if you are in Cleveland Heights, or anywhere near there, please stop in [on Coventry Road], order one of those incredible milkshakes and ask for Tommy (he is the one cooking in the middle of the restaurant) and say, ‘This one is for Emily. Thank you for sending one to her.’”

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