You Won’t Believe Who Just Got Into the Seasoning Business for the Holidays

You also won't believe the shipping costs.

<p>skynesher/Getty Images</p>

skynesher/Getty Images

It seems like everyone has merch these days, doesn’t it? Little Debbie released Christmas merch, mostly centered around its famous Christmas Tree Cakes. When Aldi sold Aldi-themed pullovers, pajamas, beanies, and more, they sold out quickly. Even Jimmy John’s is in on the action, recently releasing a jacket with a ‘90s vibe.

The trend for branded merchandise from food and beverage brands exploded during the pandemic, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. While most branded merchandise seems appropriate for holiday gift-giving, one popular beer brand just released its own form of merch—but this one is edible.

Last holiday season, Blue Moon, makers of the wheat beer with the bright, citrusy aroma, introduced Blue Moon Pint Pies, four adorable tiny pies meant to replace the beer’s signature orange garnish. Designed to complement the beer, the Pint Pies come in four flavors: pumpkin spice pie, citrus apple, lime coconut, and chocolate citrus.

This year, just in time for holiday baking, Blue Moon is introducing a new item to complement your cooking and baking.

Blue Moon’s New Thanksgiving Seasonings

“Brighten up your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving feast with Blue Moon Thanksgiving Seasonings,” reads Blue Moon’s Thanksgiving Seasonings page. The brand just launched two seasoning blends in shaker bottles.

<p>Blue Moon Brewery</p>

Blue Moon Brewery

Blue Moon Zesty Seasoning is a savory seasoning that, according to its packaging, pairs well with Thanksgiving turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cornbread, and more. It’s a blend of sugar, maltodextrin (a preservative and thickener), dried beer extract, salt, orange juice powder, spice, silicon dioxide (an anti-caking agent), and natural wheat beer type flavor.

Blue Moon Pie Pint Seasoning is a sweet seasoning that, according to its packaging, pairs well with Blue Moon Pie Pints and other desserts. It’s a blend of sugar, maltodextrin, dried beer extract, orange juice powder, spice, silicon dioxide, and natural wheat beer type flavor. (If you’re wondering what "natural wheat beer type flavor" is, you're not alone.)

“Ready for the meal prep,” said one of Blue Moon’s Instagram followers when the brand announced the new seasonings. Another asked, “Uhhhhh what does this go on? The beer or my food?” Blue Moon didn’t respond to that question, and we’re curious to know the answer, too.

The seasonings come together in a box for $11.26, not including shipping ($7 when we checked). That’s a bit pricey. Out of curiosity, we also looked into the shipping cost of a four-pack of Pint Pies, which sell for $27.30. Blue Moon charges $17 to ship the pies. That works out to a little over $11.00 per mini pie! Although the seasonings and the Pie Pints are completely useful, we see them as novelty items meant to bring a little holiday joy to Blue Moon beer lovers. 

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