Wonder Woman Not Officially Greenlit Yet

Ben Skipper

According to Wonder Woman director Michelle MacLaren, the solo Wonder Woman movie she is set to direct has yet to be given the green light by studio Warner Bros.

The reveal was dropped as part of an interview she conducted with Vulture, which said: “There’s not even an official green light from the film’s releasing studio, Warner Bros - and even if there were, non-disclosure agreements and her paranoia about jinxing things would keep her mum.”

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MacLaren then joked (we hope) about the level of secrecy surrounding the project, and what might happen if she let anything slip.

“I really, really, really can’t talk about [Wonder Woman],” she said. “I just picture a drone coming in over the hills and crashing through the glass and flying over here and putting duct tape over my mouth, you know?”

It not being greenlit yet doesn’t cast any doubt over the film, which was revealed to be on Warner Bros’ DC Comics superhero slate during an investor call earlier this year. ‘Wonder Woman’ will still be happening, unless there’s something huge unforeseen disaster during pre-production.

Gal Gadot will play the titular heroine following the first big screen outing of the iconic character in 2016’s ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ opposite Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight and Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel.

Michelle MacLaren was revealed to be the project’s director last month.

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Picture Credits: WENN / Warner Bros / DC Comics.