Wonder Woman's armpit hair issue is 'fixed' in new trailer

Ben Arnold
Pits… looks like Wonder Woman’s ‘armpit-gate’ sunk in at DC – Credit: Warner Bros

It looks like someone in the DC cinematic universe has taken on board the issue of Wonder Woman’s armpits.

A new trailer for the forthcoming superhero movie appear to show Gal Gadot’s armpits, while still hairless, have been clearly evened up in terms of skin tone following criticism from fans.

Folk on Reddit have already grabbed the screen shots from the first major trailer, and the new TV spot, and there definitely looks to have been some correction going on.

Compare and contrast below… this is before:

(Credit: Reddit/Warner Bros)

And this is after:

(Credit: Reddit/Warner Bros)

Even that is a slightly odd move, however, considering that the main crux of the fan argument was that an Amazonian warrior princess probably wouldn’t have such grooming high up on her priority list.

But presumably adding armpit hair into the trailer is not high on Warner Bros’ priority list either.

Anyway, perhaps we can now put Wonder Woman Armpit-gate to bed now, and look ahead at the movie’s release.

Starring Ms. Gadot in the lead role of Princess Diana of Themyscira, aka Diana Prince, it finds Chris Pine’s US airman Steve Trevor washing up on the shore of her mystical isle.

Learning about the events of World War I, she returns to London with Trevor to join in the fight.

Also starring Connie Nielsen, Robin Wright, Danny Huston, David Thewlis, Lucy Davis and Ewen Bremner, it’s due out on June 1.

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