Working Tron Lightcycle Fetches Big Money At Auction

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·Senior UK Writer

A fully functional replica of a Lightcycle from the movie ‘Tron: Legacy’ has been sold at auction by Sotheby’s for a whopping $77,000 (£50,000).

The electric bike was sold as part of The Andrews Collection - the biggest auto collection auction in history - over the weekend, where it defied expectations selling for a lot more than the predicted guide price of $25,000-$40,000.

The bike, which was built specifically for the Andrews collection in 2012, has a 96 volt, direct-drive electric motor, a computer-controlled throttle, and hydraulic brakes. 

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Although it’s said to be “fully functional”, the bike has only ever been ridden around the Andrews facility in Forth Worth, so we’re not sure it’s likely to be fully road worthy.

The Lightcycle was first introduced in Disney’s cult sci-fi film ‘Tron’ back in 1982 as a fully CGI creation before it was reinvented for the 2012 sequel ‘Tron: Legacy’ as a physical prop.

Whether it’ll return for ‘Tron 3′, which begins shooting later this year, we’ll have to wait to find out, but it’s clear that whoever bought this faithful recreation must be a hardcore ‘Tron’ fan. 

Image credits: Disney/Sothebys