World’s most expensive movie poster for sale

Will 'the crown jewel of movie posters' break its own record at auction?

An iconic design by Heinz Schulz-Neudamm for Fritz Lang's seminal film 'Metropolis' is up for auction, and as one of only four surviving copies, it is set to beat its own world record as the most expensive movie poster of all time.

In 2005, Kenneth Schacter bought the poster for £433,210, still the highest ever paid for a film poster. However, collector Schacter has now filed for bankruptcy and liquidators are looking to sell one of his most prized of assets.

Poster dealer Sean Linkenback has called the item 'the crown jewel of the poster world', and it is believed that it could break the $1m barrier if put on the open market.

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'Metropolis' is often cited as one of the most influential films of all-time. It's dark vision of the year 2000 was seen as ground-breaking when it was released in 1927. Science-fiction writers and filmmakers have often talked about the influence the German film has had on their own work.

Schacter is believed to also have an original poster of the 1933 'King Kong' movie, which is said to be nearly as valuable as the 'Metropolis' poster. Liquidators have found their efforts hampered by bankruptcy collectors refusing to provide a complete inventory of his assets, despite several court orders.

See the iconic poster below.