'Worst Ever Star Wars Exhibition' Discovered In Germany

Ben Arnold

The ancient German city of Leipzig has many claims to fame, but now it appears it can add ‘Worst Ever Star Wars Exhibition’ to its long and distinguished list of accolades.

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Currently going viral are pictures from a ‘Space Expo’ situated at the city’s old fairground.

It boasts ‘XXL characters’ from the movie series, along with ‘interesting and fascinating facts… for both old and young’. It is also hosting ‘laser sword workshops’.

If the ‘laser swords’ are of the same calibre as the exhibits, however, it might be wise to give them a miss.

A blogger going by the name of ‘Bobo Monkey’ on the site Fundstucke Des Internets, or ‘Findings from the Internet’ has bought the expo’s crappiness to the fore.

And indeed, its crappiness is more powerful than you could possibly imagine.

Among the highlights are Princess Leia in repose, resplendent in her famous ‘Return of the Jedi’ bikini set, a head of Chewbacca which is only mildly terrifying, an ewok riding a miniature dirt bike and a confused-looking Luke Skywalker.

Entrance cost is €10 – about £8 – which is almost worth it for the amusement value.


The exhibition appears to be a travelling one, and has also been spotted in Wolfsburg, so here’s hoping it makes trip to the UK soon enough.

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Image credits: Marcus Bageritz/Fundstucke Des Internets