This Is the Worst Coca-Cola Flavor, According to Basically Everyone

Yes, you know the one.

When you crack open a soda, you’re likely never expecting it to taste unpleasant. How could it? It’s sweet, sugary, carbonated water.

So, if you’re thinking yeah, I’ve never had a pop I didn’t like, then you must have never tried this infamous Coca-Cola flavor.

Disney World's Club Cool "Coke"tail Flight

<p>Olivia Ujlaki</p>

Olivia Ujlaki

Let me set the stage for you: you’re at Disney World, visiting one of the happiest places on earth, experiencing the different countries at Epcot’s World Showcase when you decide to check out Club Cool. It’s a free experience presented by Coca-Cola that lets you try different Coke products from around the world.

The free “Coke”tail bar offers samples like Minute Maid Joy Apple Lychee from Korea, Sprite Cucumber from Russia, and Viva Raspberry from Moldova. You make your way down the line to an interestingly named soda from Italy called Beverly.

The sign at Club Cool reads, “Beverly, with its bitter flavor, is a popular non-alcoholic aperitif that is a traditional part of Italian refreshment culture.”

Sure, it says bitter, but it’s a Coke, how could you not like it, right? Well, it’s one of the most hotly debated flavors at Club Cool for a reason.

“It tastes like grapefruit rind and poison,” one Reddit user said.

“I like vermouth. I like Campari. Beverly is disgusting,” said another Reddit user.

But, some people don’t mind it as much.

“Once you get used to it, it's actually refreshing. Still not something I'd drink every day, though, or keep at home,” said a Reddit user.

So, what the heck is Beverly, and why do people dislike it so much?

What is Coca-Cola's Beverly?

Coca-Cola launched Beverly in the Italian market in 1969, where it was frequently enjoyed as an aperitif before meals. An aperitif is traditionally dry and used to stimulate the appetite to make you hungrier—think Campari, Lillet, or vermouth.

Beverly was discontinued from markets in 2009, but you can still try it at a few tasting locations nationwide. That, obviously, includes Club Cool in Epcot at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, as well as the Coca-Cola Store Rooftop Beverage Bar in Disney Springs. It’s also available for tasting at the World of Coca-Cola Museum in Atlanta, Georgia, and the Coca-Cola Fountain inside the Coca-Cola Store on the Las Vegas strip.

What Does Beverly Taste Like?

The most common reason so many people dislike Beverly is because it has an extremely bitter flavor. We’re used to sweet, almost syrupy sodas, so tasting Beverly can be a bit of a shock to the taste buds—but, that is what it’s meant to do.

Just a quick scroll through Reddit, and you’ll see that not many people enjoy the soda—or have very nice tasting notes to share. And searching TikTok for “Beverly” will bring up some pretty hilarious taste tests. But no one really tells you what it tastes like, just that it’s bitter.

However, if you ask the right people, they'll tell you Beverly has a citrusy flavor, almost like grapefruit rind. It’s main ingredients are citric acid, water, and sugar, so it’s no surprise that it has that citrusy bitterness—almost like eating the pith of an orange.

Honestly, though, Beverly is a drink you’ll have to try yourself to understand fully. So, next time you find yourself at Disney World, head to Club Cool; it truly is an Epcot rite of passage.

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