XGen AI Unveils Transformative AI Solutions Aiming to Redefine Digital Commerce

XGen AI said Tuesday it is unveiling a suite of AI solutions that is “designed to revolutionize digital commerce.”

XGen AI described the solutions as “transformative” as it empowers brands and retailers “with automated and verticalized tools that allow them to quickly and effortlessly design and implement their own AI solutions, composed to address their exact business needs, making advanced AI capabilities accessible with no AI-specific or developer skill set required and putting brands in control of their own AI solutions.”

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Frank Faricy, chief executive officer and founder of XGen AI, said his company is “making it our mission to empower e-commerce teams by putting them in control of their own AI solutions for a highly personalized and efficient digital ecosystem. This comes at a time where we have seen a need for innovative technology solutions that can be easily implemented at speed, without technical experience and within a specific vertical application.”

The company said its suite of solutions addresses a need in the market by allowing retailers and brands “to leverage their models and services to build their own distinctive products in significantly less time than out-of-the-box or legacy solutions with far superior results.”

XGen AI described this approach as a departure from the conventional models that involve configuring SaaS products, “which are outdated, slow and too talent-intensive to deploy,” XGen AI said, adding that its user-friendly e-commerce artificial intelligence platform (eAIP) “emphasizes user empowerment and underscores its commitment to bridging the gap between innovation and accessibility, fostering a seamless integration of technology into the e-commerce ecosystem.”

XGen AI’s products include XSearch, XRecommend and XGenerate, which offer a composable way to access “a full library of models from Generative AI to Deep Learning in a plug-and-play framework and platform, elevating e-commerce teams to become AI architects for the first time in history.”

Faricy founded the company in 2020.

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