Yellowjackets star's new horror movie gets rave first reactions

sophie thatcher, the boogeyman
Yellowjackets star's new film gets rave reactions20th Century Studios

Stephen King's The Boogeyman is returning to cinemas with a new movie adaptation in just over a month, but people who attended CinemaCon 2023 were treated to an early screening.

And we do mean treated, as the social media reactions from those who got to see the film ahead of its general release have praised it as a simple yet effective horror with plenty of jump scares and a solid lead performance from Yellowjackets actress Sophie Thatcher.

Thatcher plays one of two sisters who are grieving following the death of their mother, but their therapist father fails to provide them with any affection or support. A patient desperate for help turns up at the family home, and the sisters unwittingly invite in a terrifying force that preys on their sorrow and makes their lives a nightmare.

sophie thatcher, the boogeyman
20th Century Studios

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King adaptations have run the gamut from stone-cold classics to absolute stinkers, so let's delve a little deeper into these early reactions.

Director Rob Savage recently revealed that the film was too scary when it was screened for test audiences, and had to be edited to give audiences a bit of room to recover and absorb the crucial plot info.

"The first time you see the creature, the audience screamed so loud, and then immediately started talking with their neighbours and chattering, that they completely missed the next lines," he explained.

"So we had to re-cut it and build in 45 seconds of padding, just so they didn’t miss any vital information."

the boogeyman poster
20th Century Studios

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One person who had a positive reaction was King himself, with Savage explaining that: "I was terrified that he was going to do a Shining on it and absolutely hate it. But apparently, he jumped on numerous occasions, and then sent this lovely, lovely message to everyone who worked on the movie."

The Boogeyman is set for release on June 2.

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